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OpenTNF™ is an open specification for interoperability and exchange of data on Transport Networks. The format enables users to read and write OpenTNF™ data files using either self-written or Open Source software.

OpenTNF™ is and shall be free of charge, globally useful and an open complement to international standards such as INSPIRE DS TN, GDF and ISO 19100 and national standards such as SOSI (Norway) and SS63700x (Sweden). Our common goal for the work is characterized by openness and simple and effective solutions.

OpenTNF’s mission statement:

Create and maintain, as a community, an international, open and efficient solution for exchange of Transport Network data. The solution will enable easier usage of data on multiple platforms.

The OpenTNF™ format is specified as a set of data tables that in principal may be implemented in any relational database engine. An OpenTNF™ dataset is compliant with INSPIRE DS TN and may contain the following types of data:

OpenTNF specification

The current release of the OpenTNF specification is available for download at GitHub.

Everyone is invited to contribute to further development and maintenance of OpenTNF™. We encourage you to read, review, evaluate, use, discuss and comment this initiative and document.

Please register your comments, problems, errors, questions, proposals etc. in our OpenTNF Issue List.

The OpenTNF™ specification is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit

OpenTNF Library

A reference implementation of the OpenTNF standard using OGC GeoPackage and SQLite are available here.

Example dataset

Example datasets are available here.


A statutory steering group meeting and workshop was held in Oslo at Triona’s office in Oslo 12th of December 2018. The meeting notes is available for download.

To register register interest in participating in future activities send a mail to